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May 16 2015

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May 13 2015

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May 07 2015

May 03 2015

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Don't let society stop your from becoming the jaded alcoholic you were meant to be.
@superbrainz @flauschfisch and Cersei believe in you
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April 30 2015

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April 27 2015

left: »I do it with my husband« (ad for sex education)
middle: »I do it with experience« (another ad for sex education)
right: »Respect to those who do it themselves« (ad for hardware store)
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April 18 2015

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April 14 2015

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that why

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April 10 2015

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and @FreXxX apparently is one of them! (via @pnk)

(Translation: "Hooligans against word order": "haha antifascisms. .. we'll get you you left pack of composers"
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April 09 2015

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Soup matching :)
Starring: @volldost @kasiarzyna

April 05 2015

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True beauty of the Soup.io
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April 01 2015

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March 27 2015

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perfect match
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March 17 2015

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Thanks, Soup. 
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March 16 2015

March 14 2015

March 13 2015

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March 04 2015

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Excuse me, do you have time to talk about Linux?
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March 02 2015

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@kirciowa i @bruxa zrobili mi zacne combo. Wygląda jak jedno z Gliwickich podbić miasta. 
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February 25 2015

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@ambassadorofdumb @alicjaktoraniewrocilazkrainyczarow The message from you guys is so deep.
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