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June 11 2015

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oh no

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June 07 2015

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How Not to Beer.
(via @drseilzug [gif], @xkcd [x])
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May 30 2015

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May 27 2015

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May 25 2015

I saw this today, and two posts later this:

Leaked Palantir Doc Reveals Uses, Specific Functions And Key Clients | TechCrunch

Since its founding in 2004, Palantir has managed to grow into a billion dollar company while being very surreptitious about what it does exactly. Conjecture abounds. The vague facts dredged up by reporters confirm that Palantir has created a data mining system used extensively by law enforcement agencies and security companies to connect the dots between known criminals.

TechCrunch has received a private document from 2013 which reveals the company’s extensive trove of data analysis tools and lists many of its key clients. The document is currently being passed around as an investor prospectus for a new secondary round.

In short, the description above is in part correct. But, thanks to this leaked information, we now know far more about the secretive company.

And I can not stop to marvel at the thought of that headline being about the real Palantíri.

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May 23 2015

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Magia zupy

May 20 2015

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<<Ok, so next time it stops to reload, I will get back to studying>>
... ... Me too, Doctor... me too ;-;

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May 19 2015

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May 17 2015

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Uh, y-yes?
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3138 3c91
Uh, y-yes?
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May 16 2015

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May 13 2015

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May 07 2015

May 03 2015

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Don't let society stop your from becoming the jaded alcoholic you were meant to be.
@superbrainz @flauschfisch and Cersei believe in you
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April 30 2015

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April 27 2015

left: »I do it with my husband« (ad for sex education)
middle: »I do it with experience« (another ad for sex education)
right: »Respect to those who do it themselves« (ad for hardware store)
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April 18 2015

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April 14 2015

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that why

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April 10 2015

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and @FreXxX apparently is one of them! (via @pnk)

(Translation: "Hooligans against word order": "haha antifascisms. .. we'll get you you left pack of composers"
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April 09 2015

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Soup matching :)
Starring: @volldost @kasiarzyna
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